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Emergency monitoring kits for cities

Accidents happen, no one plan them… they just happen - factories can blow up and fires can start and emit

dangerous pollutants to the air. Managing these acute and dangerous pollution situations, especially in

dense urban areas, must be based on real time accurate data in order to safe guard people's life. AirBase

is offering 'Emergency Monitoring Kits' for immediate and easy deploy by municipalities and emergency


The kits include 20 CanarITTM GSM multi-sensor units in a special water-proof boxing and are already equipped

with SIM cards for immediate internet connections. Surly, a city that has already deployed a sensors network will be able to respond much faster to any pollution event and earn an ongoing ambient monitoring system.

In the heart of the kit is AirBase product, CanarITTM, that combines nanotechnology sensors with Internet

connectivity, via Wi-Fi or GSM, to deliver air quality data to the AirBase data cloud. The data is immediately

available on the Internet and via an Alert service to mobile phones.

The first generation of devices measures Ozone (O3), NO2, Total VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), Particulate

Matter (Total Suspended Particles), Relative Humidity, Temperature, and Noise. AirBase Systems’ R&D team

in Israel is testing other technology to be incorporated into the device, including sensors for PM2.5, Light, and


Says Irad Kuhnreich, Founder and CEO of AirBase Systems: “Dense cities are delicate places. Any pollution

event can develop very easily to become a serious health risk to the people. The capability of the emergency

forces to manage the situation properly is based on real time data from the city's streets and this is exactly

what we have to offer in a price that is even lower than a regular old-fashioned monitoring station.”

For more information, please contact Liad Ortar, VP Marketing at

Silver Ball


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